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CLEARANCE Sleeper Sofa Bed


Quick Specs

  • Type: Sleepers
  • WiFi Connected: No
- Sleeper sofa bed upholstered in beige performance chenille- Wide track arms show off modern style- Easy-to-use pull-out sleeper mechanism- Removable back cushions- Kiln-dried hardwood frame- Durable sinuous spring decking with high resilience foam seat- Legs finished in black

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Product Specifications
PieceName Sofa
Length 61.25
Width 37.0
Height 35.0
SeatHeight 17.25
SeatWidth 47.75
SeatDepth 19.0
Weight 145.2
PieceName Sofa Bed
Length 61.25
Width 77.0
Height 26.5
PieceName Sofa+sleeper
Length 61.25
Width 65.75
Height 35.0
SeatHeight 17.25
SeatWidth 77.0
SeatDepth 47.75
PieceName Sleep Surface
Length 47.75
Width 77.0
CatalogYear 2019-2
CountryOfOrigin China
FabricColor OFF WHITE
AssemblyRequired Yes
FabricCleaningCode W-S
SubBrand CoasterEssence

Quick Specs

  • Appearance

  • Type: Sleepers
  • WiFi Connected: No

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