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Thank you for visiting our website! Although we have the ability to list millions of items on our website, we have selected, what we believe, to be a great selection of home furnishings for all your needs. Please be advised other options may be available in-store or in our catalogs. We offer FREE in-store and/or on-site design services. If you want to make an appointment, please reach out to us at 814.223.4600 to schedule your appointment with one of our knowledgeable designers. Please also note while all attempts were made to ensure correct information and pricing, errors may occur; Faller’s will not be responsible for incorrect information or pricing, and has the right to make any pricing changes. Thank you again for visiting us!

Home Office Small Desk See Details

Home Office Small Desk

Signature Design By Ashley

Mirimyn - Multi Collection

Regular Price $318

Our Price $149

Save $169

Kersey Swivel Glider Recliner See Details

Kersey Swivel Glider Recliner

Best Home Furnishings

Regular Price $1,076

Our Price $499

Save $577

PIKE Recliner See Details

PIKE Recliner

Best Home Furnishings

Regular Price $946

Our Price $449

Save $497

Morgan Collection - Bunk Bed See Details

Morgan Collection - Bunk Bed


Twin/twin Bunk Bed Collection

Regular Price $383

Our Price $199

Save $184

Boltzero Twin Loft Bunk Bed See Details

Regular Price $463

Our Price $199

Save $264

Trash Can with Liner See Details

Trash Can with Liner

Ebersol 701TRASHCAN

Regular Price $950

Our Price $199

Save $751

Parker 2pc Occasional Table Set See Details

Regular Price $912

Our Price $399

Save $513

Reflections 2pc Occasional Table Set See Details

Regular Price $1,184

Our Price $549

Save $635

3pc Occasional Table Set See Details

3pc Occasional Table Set

Null Furniture Inc

Regular Price $1,280

Our Price $599

Save $681