Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I special order items that Faller’s Furniture does not have in stock?

A. Yes. Faller’s Furniture provides you with several catalogs that you can special order from. Special orders consist of all products. You can choose from style, size, color, and texture.


Q. Can I request a specific time for my delivery?

A. We at Faller’s know that everyone has a busy schedule, so we try to accommodate our customers for their deliveries. We can call when we are on the way to the delivery location if requested.


Q. Does Faller’s Furniture provide a warranty on their products?

A. Yes Faller’s Furniture provides a warranty on most products. See our policy page for more details.


Q. What brand(s) of mattresses does Faller’s Furniture carry?

A. Faller’s Furniture carries a variety of mattresses through Comfort Solutions including Spine Support, Extended Life, and Sleep ID. We also carry Nature’s Legacy a lineup of latex and memory foam mattresses. Many of our beds can also be used with adjustable bases for the ultimate in comfort.


Q. Does Faller’s Furniture provide fabric and leather protection?

A. Yes. To protect your furniture from mud, spills, and minor incidents we recommend fabric and leather protection to keep your furniture looking new for years.


Q. Will Faller’s Furniture remove my old and/or used furniture?

A. Yes. Faller’s Furniture will remove used bedding as well as used furniture when new furniture is purchased.


Q. How long will it take for my special order to arrive?

A. Faller’s Furniture tries to satisfy every customer with his or her special orders. Since the customer is getting exactly what they want, a special order can vary depending on the manufacturer and customization options chosen.


Q. If I like a style of a sofa but not the fabric can I change the fabric to better suit my décor?

A. Depending on the company. Decor-Rest, La-Z-Boy, Best, and Select Designs Inc are a few of the manufacturers that provides Faller’s with many fabrics and leathers to choose from. We can also show you catalogs of our other companies to find a more alternative options.


Q. Does Faller’s Furniture provide financing or layaway?

A. Faller’s Furniture provides both. We finance through GE Capital and allow layaway on in-store items as well as special orders. See our policy page for more information on layaway and financing.


Q. Does Faller’s Furniture provide draperies and carpeting?

A. Yes, both draperies and carpeting are custom designed to fit your décor. We have several different fabrics and carpeting samples to choose from with different style, color, and texture.


Q. Will Faller’s Furniture measure for and install draperies and carpeting?

A. Yes. Our design team will first design and measure for the look and style of your draperies and/or carpeting then we will send someone to install once the draperies and/or carpeting arrive .


Q. Will the design team at Faller’s Furniture draw up a floor plan for my room(s)?

A. Our design team will draw up floor plans all we need are your measurement of the room(s) we will be recreating. Also a member of our design team will visit your home for advice, this service is FREE of charge.


Q. If something happens to my furniture does Faller’s Furniture provide a repairman to fix the problem?

A. Yes our repairman will first look at the problem and inform you what needs done to repair the issue.


Q. What are cleaning codes and how do I find them?

A. Cleaning codes are used to rate the methods of cleaning numerous types of fabrics. Faller’s Furniture can help you find the cleaning code to your fabric and will inform you what the code is before making a fabric selection.


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