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Faller’s Furniture, Faller’s Funeral Home and Fryburg Old Treasures Depot are all part of the oldest family-run businesses in the area. Five generations of the Faller family have successfully continued to provide their customers professional service with a personal touch. It all began in 1847 with Jacob Faller, Jr., whose trade was building wagons and coffins. Since he received only fifty cents to three dollars for each coffin, mostly paid for with potatoes or other farm products, he expanded his business into making hand-crafted furniture. Jacob opened The Faller Furniture Store in 1860 in Fryburg, PA, housing furniture in one section of the building and a funeral home in the other section. The original building was destroyed by a cyclone in 1890. It was rebuilt but, in 1908, was destroyed by fire. The present building at 19255 Route 208, Fryburg, PA, is the third building on the site to house one of the multi-generation businesses. One of the unique features of the building is the hand-operated elevator, which is driven by counter weight and arm power, pulled from the center. The elevator can move a maximum of 500 pounds and is one of the few of its kind remaining in the United States. With each generation, minor changes were made to the services provided and to the name of the business. In 1954, Faller Funeral Home, now operated by Adam Faller, great-great-grandson of Jacob Faller, Jr., was moved to a separate building. The structure, originally built as a new home for Bernard J. Faller, was located 5 doors down the street from the original store location. Then upon the death of Henry C. Faller the funeral home moved to it's current location, which was the former home of Henry C. Faller. In 1999, the furniture business, now known as Faller’s Furniture & Design, was relocated to 624 Main Street, Clarion, PA. The original Fryburg location was transformed into Fryburg Old Treasures Depot.

Faller’s Furniture

Today, Faller’s Furniture is owned by Gregory Faller, great-grandson of founder Jacob. The operation is run by Fifth generation family member Evan Faller. The move to Clarion from Fryburg was, in part, one of convenience for the store’s many Clarion customers. The Faller’s considered the Fryburg location a “destination,” where customers drove for the express purpose of buying furniture. The new Clarion location has attracted the lunch-hour crowd, university students and walk-ins, substantially increasing business.

The store is now located in the former Ditz building at 624 Main Street, Clarion. Previously, the building housed DEP Office Supply and Booksmith Trading. Before opening the new store in 2000, renovations had to be completed on the building. “The second floor hadn’t been used for many years,” Greg notes, “So we had a lot of major repairs to do before opening.” Since the move, they have added several new lines of furniture, while maintaining the same high quality and workmanship in everything they offer. In addition to furniture, Faller’s features home accessories, carpeting, interior design services and custom window treatments. “We pride ourselves in providing nice products for reasonable prices,” explains Roberta. In the fall of 2008, the couple’s son, Evan, rejoined the furniture business as store manager after five years in the Midwest. He brings that experience – at both a high-end furniture company and an interior design firm – to Faller’s customers. “While we always want to bring our customers a good value, we know they also want to see the latest trends,” says Evan. “We stock merchandise from a wide variety of high-quality manufacturers to give our customers the broadest possible choice.”

The Faller’s credit much of their success to their long-time employees. Their staff includes five full-time employees and three part-time employees who are prepared to answer all of your furnishing and home design questions. Gregory Faller earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and his wife, Roberta, earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, They have two sons, Adam and Evan, and four grandchildren, Shelby, Avery, Aiden and Rowan.

Faller’s Furniture still maintains the family tradition 7 days a week open from 9-6 Monday through Thursday, Fridays 9-7, Saturday from 9-5, adn Sunday 10-4. For more information contact them at 814-223-4600 or email office@fallersfurniture.com also visit them on the web at www.fallersfurniture.com. When Faller’s Furniture relocated to Clarion, the building in Fryburg was used as a warehouse. As fate would have it, a woman asked to display some items she wanted to sell in the warehouse window. After receiving other similar requests, Greg realized that vendors needed a place to display and sell their antiques and collectibles. As the saying goes, “The rest is history.”

Fryburg Old Treasures Depot

The building was renamed Fryburg Old Treasures Depot. Today, more than 100 vendors fill three floors of the Depot with displays that include antiques, collectibles, furniture, jewelry, books and items by local artisans. With 11,000 square feet of display space, the inventory in the Depot is varied and ever-changing. As people take a leisurely stroll from one display to the next, they can be heard saying, “I remember my grandmother had one of these.” Or, “Oh, my gosh! I had one of these when I was little. I wonder what ever happened to it?” Adam Faller, manager of Fryburg Old Treasures Depot, is the fifth generation of the family to be involved in the family businesses. His staff includes two full-time and three part-time employees, who are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They will provide assistance in finding a specific item by scanning keywords in the vendors’ computerized listings. If an item is not available, the Depot maintains a list of items that customers request; when the requested item becomes available, the customer is contacted. “People collect everything imaginable from pen knives and pottery to crystal and dolls,” says Adam. “About ninety percent of the people who come into the store are looking for something specific to add to their collection.” “Antiques” have been described by some as any item over 100 years old. “Collectibles” can be anything that evokes a memory in the collector, whether it is a 150-year-old tin candle mold or an action figure from a fast-food restaurant. “A lot of guys collect Zippo lighters, which certainly aren’t antiques,” says Adam, “while many other items, such as crocks, are both antique and collectible.” On a personal level, Adam collects fire-fighting memorabilia, since he is a volunteer with the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department. Whether it’s the age of an item, the memory of an event tied to the item or just plain nostalgia, Adam notes, “Everybody collects something.” The Depot’s Guest Register includes not only the names of local customers, but those of people from as far away as Alaska, England and Germany, where Jacob Faller’s family originated. With the exception of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Depot is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday from 11:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. To contact the Fryburg Old Treasures Depot for more information, call 814-354-2288 or Email:adam@fryburgdepot.com. You also may visit www.fryburgdepot.com for more information.